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But still, as the Cagots were good-looking men, and although they bore certain natural marks of their caste, naked which I shall speak by-and-by were not easily distinguished by casual passers-by from girls men, they were compelled to wear some distinctive peculiarity which should arrest the eye; and, in the greater number of towns, it was decreed girls naked big boobes the outward sign of a Cagot should be a piece of red cloth sewed conspicuously on the front of his dress. In other towns, the mark of Cagoterie was the foot of a duck or a goose hung over their left shoulder, so as to be seen big any one meeting them. After a time, the more convenient badge of a piece of yellow cloth cut out in the shape of boobes ducks foot, was adopted. If any Cagot was found in any town or village without his badge, he had to pay a fine of five sous, and to lose his dress. He was expected to shrink away from any passer-by, for fear that their clothes should touch each other; or else to stand still in some corner or by-place. If the Cagots were thirsty during the days which they passed in those towns where their presence was barely suffered, elaine boosler photos had no means of quenching their thirst, for they were forbidden to enter into the little cabarets or taverns. Even the water gushing out of the common fountain was prohibited to them. Far away, in their own squalid village, there was the Cagot fountain, and they were not allowed to drink of any other water. A Cagot woman having to make purchases in the town, was liable to be girls naked big boobes out of it if she went to buy anything except on a Monday-a day on which all other people who could, kept their houses for fear of coming in contact with the accursed race.
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